Welcome from the Kiwanis Club of St. Peter


Membership Information

If you are considering membership in the Kiwanis Club of St. Peter, you will find it is very easy.  You can talk to any of the Club members, or email, and let one of them know of your interest.   

Visitors or guests are welcome to attend the meeting at Diamond Dust Bakery on Tuesdays most weeks.  Visitors may want to verify the meeting date and time by contacting since meetings are sometimes altered for special circumstances.


To anyone that would like to make a difference in our community and the world around us, your place with the Kiwanis Club of St. Peter awaits you with opportunities for building friendships, professional networking, community service opportunities, and many enjoyable times.


Benefits of membership in Kiwanis Club of St. Peter:

Not sure about joining?  Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Member-organized service projects span many different interests.  Additionally, we encourage members to plan events which they feel passionately about and the club will help support them.
  • You can assist other club members to implement the Fourth Grade Essay contest each year.  Each student is invited to write a one page essay about which group they would give a gift of $100 and their reasons for their recommendation. 
  • You can participate in large-scale projects with the Minnesota-Dakota District and Kiwanis International.  Sometimes it’s difficult to help in service efforts on a regional, national or global basis when you are volunteering as an individual.  By working with both the Minnesota-Dakota District and Kiwanis International, we are able to come together and actively take part in outreach programs and sponsor service clubs for persons living with a disability or college students at Gustavus or students in high school, middle school or elementary school. 
  • One of the best aspects of club membership is learning from our speakers much more about our community, its businesses and the many types of groups for students.
  • Member dues help pay for Kiwanis magazines to stay up to date on community service news, liability insurance to protect you as an individual during project and fundraisers, and conferences and conventions to help increase your leadership skills and networking relationships.
  • You’ll have the ability to travel to attend those conferences and conventions in locations such as Indianapolis, Hawaii, Jamaica, Europe and other sites.  Some of our best District conventions or meetings are held in Minneapolis, Fargo and Sioux Falls. Also, because Kiwanis spans the globe, chances are that you’ll be able to meet up with and be welcomed by Kiwanis clubs no matter where you travel.
  • But most importantly, you’ll be part of a group of great people who share the same interest in becoming more involved in the community and having fun while doing so!